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<div class="mp-header incell_top"> '''Giochi''' </div>
<div class="mp-content">
'''Giochi PC-98 Games'''<br />
[[File:Icon_th01.png|16px|link=Highly Responsive to Prayers]] [[Highly Responsive to Prayers|<small>'''TH01'''</small> Highly Responsive to Prayers]]<br />
[[File:Icon_th02.png|16px|link=Story of Eastern Wonderland]] [[Story of Eastern Wonderland|<small>'''TH02'''</small> Story of Eastern Wonderland]]<br />
[[File:Icon_th03.png|16px|link=Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream]] [[Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream|<small>'''TH03'''</small> Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream]]<br />
[[File:Icon_th04.png|16px|link=Lotus Land Story]] [[Lotus Land Story|<small>'''TH04'''</small> Lotus Land Story]]<br />
[[File:Icon_th05.png|16px|link=Mystic Square]] [[Mystic Square|<small>'''TH05'''</small> Mystic Square]]<br /> <br /> '''Giochi Windows Games'''<br />
[[File:Icon_th06.png|16px|link=Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]] [[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil|<small>'''TH06'''</small> Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]]<br />
[[File:Icon_th07.png|16px|link=Perfect Cherry Blossom]] [[Perfect Cherry Blossom|<small>'''TH07'''</small> Perfect Cherry Blossom]]<br />
[[File:Icon th165.png|16px|link=Violet Detector]] [[Violet Detector|<small>'''TH16.5'''</small> Violet Detector]]<br />
[[File:Icon th17.png|16px|link=Wily Beast and Weakest Creature]] [[Wily Beast and Weakest Creature|<small>'''TH17'''</small> Wily Beast and Weakest Creature]]<br />
[[File:Icon th175.png|16px|link=Touhou Gouyoku Ibun]] [[Touhou Gouyoku Ibun|<small>'''TH17.5'''</small> Touhou Gouyoku Ibun]]<br /> [[File:Icon th18.png|16px|link=Unconnected Marketeers]] [[Unconnected Marketeers|<small>'''TH18'''</small> Unconnected Marketeers]]<br /> <br />
'''Altri Giochi'''<br />
[[Gold Rush]]<br />
[[Samidare]]<br />
[[Uwabami Breakers]]<br />
[[Related gamesGiochi correlati|Related GamesGiochi correlati]]<br />
[[Neo-traditionalism of Japan]]<br />
[[Dr. Latency's Freak Report]]<br />
[[Dateless Bar "Old Adam"]]<br /> <br />
'''Akyu's Untouched Score'''<br />
[[Akyu's Untouched Score vol.1|Volume 1]] (TH04)<br />
[[Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3|Volume 3]] (TH02)<br />
[[Akyu's Untouched Score vol.4|Volume 4]] (TH03)<br />
[[Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5|Volume 5]] (TH01)<br /> <br /> '''SoundtracksSoundtrack'''<br />
[[Immaterial and Missing Power OST]]<br />
[[Scarlet Weather Rhapsody OST]]<br />
[[Urban Legend in Limbo OST]]<br />
[[Urban Legend in Limbo OST 2|Urban Legend in Limbo PS4 OST]]<br />
[[Antinomy of Common Flowers OST]]<br /> <br /> '''ExtrasExtra'''<br />
[[Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red (CD)|Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red CD]]<br />
[[Seasonal Dream Vision (CD)|Seasonal Dream Vision CD]]<br />
[[Oriental Sacred Place 2 (CD)|Oriental Sacred Place CD 2]]<br />
[[Oriental Sacred Place 3 (CD)|Oriental Sacred Place CD 3]]<br />
[[Forbidden Scrollery (CD)|Forbidden Scrollery CD]]<br /> <br /> '''Fan MusicOpere dei fan'''<br /> [[Doujin musicLista dei circoli#Musica|Fan MusicCircoli musicali]]<br />
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<div class="mp-header incell_top"> '''[[Official LiteratureOpere cartacee|Opere Cartacee]]''' </div>
<div class="mp-image"></div>
<div class="mp-content">
[[Silent Sinner in Blue]]<br />
[[Cage in Lunatic Runagate]]<br />
[[Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth]]<br /> <br />
'''Touhou Bunka (Bunbunmaru News)'''<br />
[[Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red]]<br />
[[Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia]]<br /> <br />
'''Touhou Gumon (Gensokyo Chronicle)'''<br />
[[Perfect Memento in Strict Sense]]<br />
[[Symposium of Post-mysticism]]<br /> <br />
'''Touhou Ibarakasen'''<br />
[[Wild and Horned Hermit]]<br /> <br />
'''Touhou Kourindou'''<br />
[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]<br /> <br />
'''Touhou Sangetsusei'''<br />
[[Eastern and Little Nature Deity]]<br />
[[Strange and Bright Nature Deity]]<br />
[[Oriental Sacred Place]]<br />
[[Visionary Fairies in Shrine]]<br /> <br />
'''Touhou Suzunaan'''<br />
[[Forbidden Scrollery]]<br /> <br />
'''Touhou Suichouka'''<br />
[[Lotus Eaters]]<br /><br />
'''Touhou Chireikiden'''<br />
[[Cheating Detective Satori]]<br /> <br />
'''Danmaku Works'''<br />
[[The Grimoire of Marisa]]<br />
[[The Grimoire of Usami]]<br /> <br /> <!-- [[Unnamed Danmaku Fireworks Book]]<br /><br /> -->
'''Magazines'''<br />
[[Strange Creators of Outer World]]<br /> <br /> '''VariousVari'''<br /> [[Seasonal Dream Vision]]<br /> <br /> '''Fan ComicsOpere dei fan'''<br /> [[Comics|Lista di dei circoli#Pubblicazioni|Circoli con pubblicazioni]]
[[Personaggi|Personaggi di Touhou]]<br />
[[Gensokyo|Il Mondo di Gensokyo]]<br />
<div class="mp-header incell"> '''Altri articoli''' </div>
<div class="mp-content">
[[High scores|High ScoresClassifiche]]<br /> [[ReplaysReplay]]<br /> [[Purchasing GuideGuida all'acquisto]]<br /> [[Game Tools and ModificationsStrumenti e Mod]]<br /> [[Running in Giocare su Linux and e Mac OS X]]<br /> [[Getting Started With Introduzione allo Scoring]]<br /> [[LinksLink utili]]
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<div class="mp-header incell"> '''Articles Needing AttentionArticoli Necessitanti Attenzione''' </div>
<div class="mp-content">
[[:Category:Summarize|Articles needing summariesnecessitanti di sommario]]<br /> [[Special:UncategorizedPages|Articles needing categoriesArticoli necessitanti categoria]]<br /> [[:Category:Untranslated|Articles needing translationsnon ancora tradotti]]<br /> [[Current event release worklistAlbum non ancora inseriti|Albums needing pagesAlbum senza pagine associate]]<br /> [[Special:WantedTemplates|Wanted templatesTemplate richiesti]]

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