Nickname: RandyFlynn, aka Randall J. Flynn, aka Randall James Gorrister Flynn
SubSun Callsign: Utsuho
Assignment: SubSun Leader; SubSun Overseer and Administrative Coordinator
Age: 25 (born Dec. 15, 1985)
Nationality: Italy
Current occupation: University student, Modern Languages and Literatures degree (pending, estimated year of end: 2012)

Current skills:
- Language skills'
x) Italian: mothertongue.
a) English: fluently as a mothertongue, excellent reading, writing and speaking; excellent translation skills and simultaneous speaking translation.
b) French: mild intermediate, good reading and writing, basic speaking; not frequently spoken; good simultaneous speaking translation.
c) German: beginner, yet promising.
d) Russian: advanced beginner, promising growth.
- Technical skills
a) Photoshop skills: standard.
b) Known operating systems: standard Debian-based distributions knowledge (currently working on Kubuntu system), good Microsoft Windows.
c) Computer science: fair.
d) Typing speed: great.
- Touhou skills
Easy mode, Normal mode (up to TH10), Hard mode (beginner), Lunatic for fun and games until somebody loses an eye.
Interested in games, both official and doujin. Low interest in comics and merchandise.

- Other skills
Fast learner
Fast translation
Fast language learner